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Both visceral and soothing, Nyree's songs mix sultry vocals with warm piano and aggressive acoustic guitar playing, a combination of powerful vocals and mature songwriting. In her energetic and spellbinding performances, Nyree draws from four albums of original material-some songs upbeat, others lilting and introspective in tone. Critics have called Nyree's solo album, bare, "a collection of musical dynamite" and "a work of delicacy and pure beauty." In addition to successful tours of the US and Brazil, Nyree has been very successful at licensing her original songs and performances for use in Network TV and Film, with her songs used everywhere from MTV to Sony Pictures to PAX.

Some Career Highlights....

  • SONY Pictures licensed Nyree's song Let Love Be Your Lullaby for Rachel's Room.
  • The feature film The Vengeance of Cinderella licensed Nyree's song Never Say Goodbye
  • The feature film Hungry Hearts licensed Nyree's song Wondering.
  • MTV licensed Nyree's song Knives & Guns for use on Live Through This.
  • The WB TV Network licensed Nyree's song Colors for use on Felicity
  • PAX licensed Nyree's song Wondering for use on Mysterious Ways.
  • PAX licensed Nyree's songs Knives & Guns for use on Mysterious Ways.
  • Vialta, a technology company in Silicon Valley, has licensed Nyree's songs Little Girl, Never Say Goodbye, Outstretched and Wondering for use in their ViDVD Magazine Programs.
  • Nyree's 2nd non-fiction book for ArtistPro/Hal Leonard, The Complete Guide to House Concerts will be released in 2003.
  • Nyree's song Angel was licensed for use in the WWII Documentary Forever In Our Hearts
  • Nyree has toured Brazil, Canada, and throughout the US, including performances in Chicago, Boston, Colorado, Seattle, and California.
  • Nyree has opened shows for Santana, Jewel, Crosby Stills & Nash, Chicago, and Djavan.
  • Nyree was a Finalist in Oprah's Oxygen Artist Search.
  • Nyree was a Finalist in the MARS Music $100,000 Music Search.
  • "National Discovery Artist" at the Hear Music retail chain.
  • "Best Unsigned Band" at the Music Journalism Awards Conference.
  • Nyree's song, Little Girl, was featured on Oprah's web site for two months.
  • Nyree's first book, Booking, Promoting & Marketing Your Music, published by Mix Books/Hal Leonard just went into its second printing. Nyree is working on a second edition.

In 1998, Nyree's career hit fast-forward when she began to draw hundreds of people to her shows and was offered the chance to open for Jewel, Santana, and Crosby Stills & Nash. "I was playing at a summer festival in California, when this guy came up to me between sets and said, 'Do you want to be famous?' I thought it was a big joke at the time, but it turned out that he knew someone who knew someone, and before I knew it I was on stage at the Warfield in San Francisco playing for 2,000 people!"

Nyree has been playing piano, singing, and writing songs since she was five years old. "I always knew I wanted to be a rock star!" exclaims Nyree. "I used to pretend I was on 'Solid Gold' by making a microphone out of cardboard paper-towel tubes and taping a big wad of crumpled paper onto the end. Then I'd go outside and sing and dance to the radio on my parents front lawn."

Playing upwards of 200 shows a year across the U.S., Nyree has sold thousands of CDs and tapes independently from the stage and the Internet.


SONGS in TV/Film...
Sony Pictures (Let Love Be Your Lullaby), "Rachel's Room"
Feature Film: Never Say Goodbye, "THe Vengeance of Cinderella"
Feature Film (Wondering), "Hungry Hearts"
WB (Colors), "Felicity", WB
PAX (Knives & Guns), "Mysterious Ways"
PAX (Wondering), "Mysterious Ways"
MTV (Knives & Guns), "Live Through This"
Documentary: (Angel), "Forever in Our Hearts"
E Show (SUPERSTAR), "E Show hosted by Adriane Galisteu"

Crosby, Stills & Nash
Bebel Gilberto
Imogen Heap
Laura Love Band
Freedy Johnston
Dar Williams

Finalist, Oprah's National Artist Search
Finalist, Mars Music $100,000 Music Search
Best Performer, NCSA
National Discovery Artist, Hear Music
Best Unsigned Band, Music Journalism Awards

The Warfield, San Francisco
Mistura Fina, Rio, Brazil
Donna Club, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Black Out, Natal, Brazil
The Great American Music Hall, San Francisco
Bimbo's 365 Club, San Francisco
The Lobero Theatre, Santa Barbara
The Freight & Salvage, Berkeley, CA
The Paradise Lounge, San Francisco
Largo, Los Angeles
Mama Kin, Boston
Cafe SinE, New York City
The Crooked Bar, Los Angeles
Cubberly Theatre, Palo Alto, CA
Free Times, Toronto Canada
Lucie Stern Theatre, Palo Alto, CA

Chico World Music Festival
California World Music Festival
NEMO Conference Showcase, Boston MA
NXNE Conference Showcase, Toronto CANADA