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"Absolutely beautiful are two words that perfectly describe Nyree's music. Soulful singing and sweet piano put Nyree up there with great female artists like Tori Amos, Sarah Mclaughlan, and at times Joni Mitchell. Honest lyrics and an absolutely gorgeous voice make this disk a prize in my cd collection. It's perfect for romantic evenings or taking a candle lit bubble bath."
Kelly, Moxie Gurls

"Honestly speaking, this is one of the most beautiful 'art rock' albums I have ever heard. Songs like Little Girl and Hymn are absolute masterpieces."
Gert-Ove Fridlund in the Hallandsposten Newspaper, Sweden

Bare is the title of raven-haired Nyree’s latest release, and what an appropriate one at that. The music is stripped down to the basic essentials -- piano, acoustic guitar and voice, and between her beautiful and far reaching vocal range combined with her superb instrumental prowess, Nyree draws you in with her emotional and spiritually moving songs. Bare is perfect for lazy afternoons, early mornings or late at night when you want to shut out the noisy world and be at one with your thoughts. By all means let Nyree provide the soundtrack for your escape!
reviewed by Eric Harabadian at "Eric's Reviews"

"Nyree is a real superstar! She was truly the best thing that has happened in my professional career this year. She's phenominal! Her music is a touch of love in my heart. "
Laercio da Costa, top Brazilian percussionist, São Paulo

"Nyree e realment uma estrela, ela foi a melhor coisa que me aconteceu neste ultimo ano profissionalmente. E um fenomeno! a musica dela e como um toque suave de amor no meu coracao."
Laercio da Costa

"The multi-dimensional Nyree chose to take the road less traveled with this award-winning CD by presenting each song bare of extraneous production. [bare] is a work of delicacy and pure beauty. Without drum machines, distortion, or multi-tracking, these poetically written and performed pieces tell their story captivatingly. On this gorgeously unproduced album, the gently played patterns fittingly glide the listener through meaningful reflection. Throughout, Nyree's voice is pure and capable of reaching notes across many octaves, never wavering from its focus. The depth and breadth of her vocal performance present her thoughtfully written lyrics perfectly. Nyree write[s] songs that are so beautiful they ache as they soothe. The first time I heard this CD I was working in an uncomfortably-lit computer lab on a miserably hot day; just listening to this album made me feel as if were spending a rainy evening comfortably at home, drinking hot chocolate and nostalgically reviewing the past. I have read that major labels feel the days of the confessional singer and technically agile songwriter are at an end, but if more artists like Nyree appear, it is certain that this craft of beautifully revealed emotions will not fade away." Hit Picks: Breaking Me and Wondering.
Megan McGehee, GoGirlsMusic

"Nyree has a beautiful and powerful voice that will put you in a trance-like state throughout the entire listen. I was half way through this CD before I realized that it was just she and the piano. What does this tell you? Well, when this women sings accompanied by her piano, it's so full, clear and unrelenting that it just sweeps you away with it's magnetic appeal. The music created by this artist doesn't give you time to think about anything else that is going on in the background. When I was done listening to this I just stopped and thought for a moment…how awestruck and peaceful I felt."

"Wondering (track 8) begins, 'I am wondering who I am today, I've been wondering who I am all week, if I'm wondering who I am all month all year, is that ok?' Bare. And bare all, does Nyree - from her intimate and touching vocal and instrumental performance, to the mostly naked images of her scattered through the CD materials. Nyree's vocal style reminds us of Alannis and Tori - with pointed lyrical content that pierces the soul. The accomplished musician/artist scores with such tunes as Little Girl, a slightly abstract metaphor for Nyree's own contact with the child within.
Keith Hannaleck, Muzikman

"WOW! That is what I said while I was listening to this CD. This bare bones collection of musical dynamite is astounding. If there was ever a vocalist who could take your breath away, Nyree is it. Alone at the piano, Nyree belts out the most beautifully crafted and inspirational songs that I have had the opportunity to review. After the album was through, I had to sit back and awaken myself from the state of awe that this music put me in. There really are not any words that can describe the feeling and beauty of this music. Breathtakingly beautiful doesn't even come close. The music on this album has been compared to the likes of Jewel and Sarah McLachlan, and rightfully so. The difference for me is, neither of them have ever impressed me the way that Nyree has. There is something about this woman's voice that keeps the listener in a trance. This is a truly amazing work of art."
Gunther G., The Global Muse

"Nyree's Little Girl and Never Say Goodbye are gorgeous and lush piano ballads. If you dig Tori, Alanis, Paula Cole, Joni Mitchell, .... well, you get the point, you would love Nyree. Her vocals are devine. Nyree's hefty belt range topped with her know when to be subtle style is definitely something to crave and get used to. Be on the lookout for her at a stadium near you. With her talent and drive, it is a wonder she isn't already blow out famous!
MP3 Chicks "Diva of the Week" review

"Nyree bares her soul on this personal, intimate recording. Her instrument of revelation is the piano and an octave-leaping voice. Expressively and skillfully played, the acoustic piano channels Nyree's emotion. The dynamic and stunning vocal display makes this album a work of art and talent. Nyree is a rare and splendid talent. Her music is truly compelling, truly personal and moves the listener to sharing in her heartache and sensitivity."
Tom Schulte,

"Soft piano and mournful voice regulate Breaking Me, a strong ballad that shows off very good vocals. Like a slow modern Irish crying song, Nyree makes us think 'beautiful,' and she has the power to touch. She's laying her soul and voice bare, for everyone to share and love. She captures poetry and strength in vulnerability. Simple, and awfully good, this CD."
Ben Ohmart, Music Dish

"You will NOT be disappointed by Nyree's new and intimate set, bare. Listen up now kids, this is where music is heading. It is not about over-produced-pro-tools, it is about songs with some balls. Nyree delivers all the way. She may be compared to Sarah McLachlan and even Jewel at times, but throughout her career, you will see that she has something much more original to deliver."
E. Camacho, Weekly Music Industry Source

"Nyree has a dynamic vocal range that goes from the lovely quirks of Sarah McLachlin to the precious pop of Jewel to a husky Janis Joplin"
Palo Alto Weekly

"Nyree is a natural talent, whose tremendous vocal range has garnered her comparisons to the likes of Jewel."

"This girl is an original with the range and attitude of Alanis."
Music Journalism Awards

"Nyree's delivery bounces from Shawn Colvin sweet purity to a stern Ani DiFranco bark."
Connecticut Record Journal

"Nyree's voice, a mix between Joni Mitchell and Suzanne Vega, soars."
The Pueblo Chieftan

"Frankly she got my testosterone working. I could definitely spend a lazy Sunday listening to her CD."
Dale Miller, Nor Cal Songwriter's Association