Table of Contents for THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO HOUSE CONCERTS and Other Satisfying Venues


Chapter 1: Why House Concerts?
Chapter 2: Building a Foundation for Success
Chapter 3: House Concerts

Chapter 4: Art Festivals and City Concert Series
  • How to Book Festival and Concert-Series Gigs
  • Perfomer Profile: Carey Colvin
  • The Main Stage
  • The Side Stage
  • The All-Day Plan
  • How to Springboard off of These Shows
  • Perfomer Profile: Electric Angel

Chapter 5: College Dorm Concerts
  • How to Book Dorm Concerts
  • Tips for the Best Dorm Concerts
  • How to Generate More Lucrative Shows from Dorm Concerts
  • Perfomer Profile: Michael Halaas

Chapter 6: Corporate Concerts
  • Perfomer Profile: Sweet Duration
  • How to Book Corporate Concerts
  • Setting Your Fee

Chapter 7: Putting on Your Own Concerts
  • Venues That Work Well for Self-Produced Concerts
  • Perfomer Profile: Stephen Cohen
  • Getting People to Attend
  • Selling Tickets
  • Setting up the Concert Environment
  • Making the Most of Your Self-Produced Concert
  • Perfomer Profile: Natasha Miller

Chapter 8: Specialized Music Programs
Table of Contents for BOOKING, PROMOTING & MARKETING YOUR MUSIC: A Complete Guide for Bands and Solo Artists

Introduction: Why Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Makes Sense

PART ONE: Building the foundation for your dreams
Chapter 1: Dreaming Big! Taking the time to figure out what you really want
Chapter 2: 10 rules of successful musicians
Chapter 3: Improving your songwriting, vocal, and instrumental skills

  • Interview with Julie Wolf: Jazz pianist & side player with Ani DiFranco
    Chapter 4: Go solo or play in a band?
    Chapter 5: Getting organized: Your office, permits, and record label
    Chapter 6: Recording and manufacturing an album

    PART TWO: Creative booking for playing premium gigs
    Chapter 7: Creating a great press kit
    Chapter 8: Putting together the best PA system for your shows
    Chapter 9: Venue options and alternatives: Playing more than bars, clubs, and cafes
    Chapter 10: Bookers and concert promoters: Getting hired to play the shows you want

    PART THREE: Making your band a great success
    Chapter 11: Merchandising techniques for selling thousands of albums
    Chapter 12: Building a loyal fan base: Finding and targeting your true audience
    Chapter 13: Booking profitable local, regional, and national tours
    Chapter 14: Fully utilizing the Internet
    Chapter 15: 50 promotional tools

    PART FOUR: Planning worksheets for even more success
    Chapter 16: The 7 step Music Business & Marketing Plan
    Chapter 17: The Artist's Plan: Staying sane and creative along the way
    Chapter 18: Your to-do list as manager, booking agent, publicist, merchandiser, record label, and artist

    PART FIVE: Taking your career to THE NEXT LEVEL
    Chapter 19: Advice from pros on the when, why, and how of going beyond DIY

  • Interview with Mike Green: Booking Agent with Fleming, Tamulevich & Associates
  • Interview with Ralph Jaccodine: Ralph Jaccodine Management and owner of Black Wolf Records
  • Interview with Howard Johnston: Engineer/Producer/Co-owner of Different Fur Studios

    Appendix 1: Distribution, Copyrighting, and Publishing Information
    Appendix 2: Organizations, contests, and showcases
    Appendix 3: Useful web sites