• SONY Pictures licensed Nyree's song Let Love Be Your Lullaby for Rachel's Room.
  • The feature film The Vengeance of Cinderella licensed Nyree's song Never Say Goodbye
  • The feature film Hungry Hearts licensed Nyree's song Wondering.
  • MTV licensed Nyree's song Knives & Guns for use on Live Through This.
  • The WB TV Network licensed Nyree's song Colors for use on Felicity
  • PAX licensed Nyree's song Wondering for use on Mysterious Ways.
  • PAX licensed Nyree's songs Knives & Guns for use on Mysterious Ways.
  • Vialta, a technology company in Silicon Valley, has licensed Nyree's songs Little Girl, Never Say Goodbye, Outstretched and Wondering for use in their ViDVD Magazine Programs.

    If you are interested in licensing one of Nyree's songs, please send an email to nyree @ nyree.com or call 1-877-42-NYREE / (707) 996-9296.