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Little Girl
Knives & Guns
Never Say Goodbye

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Let Love Be Your Lullaby
Still The Girl I Am
What I Can
Knives & Guns
Never Say Goodbye


bare Even before I started to create this album, I had a strong vision for songs that would truly capture and bring to life my on-stage passion and energy...that would paint a portrait of a woman...introspective and spiritual, love gained and lost, yet always with strength...that would allow the listener to be wrapped up in the blankets of a mood...right away I made a conscious decision to write and produce the songs bare...to capture the one woman, one instrument, one voice intimacy that is so much a part of the music that really captures my soul...with much support it became just that...and is perhaps at its best when the lights are down low and you're listening with your heart...please enjoy it.

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