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Winter/Spring 2003 NEWS

Hello and welcome to the new year!

To sample a taste of several new songs, head over to The first three tracks are Pop/Country with Gretchen Wilson singing, co-written with Chris Donohoe and I co-wrote the fourth track, Don't Cry, with Mike Lounibos and Sheila Capua. Yes, it is moi doing the vocalizing. ;-)

Very recently, I signed a single-song contract for Somewhere In Between with Rex Benson Publishing. The fabulous Joan Martin and I wrote the song the first time we met! That's what I call magic! ;-) Rex Benson will be pitching the song to both artists and FILM/TV.

Ken Loomis from Access Music found my music on-line and got in touch with me--they will be pitching not only several new songs (Still The Girl I Am), but also many of the girl & i songs (2am, Shepherd,). Hopefully we will be hearing these songs playing during our favorite shows sometime soon. ;-)

Songwriting has been going really well. Just after New Years hit country writer Kris Bergsnes dropped by for a couple of days of songwriting in the Sonoma hills. Needless to say, we had a fabulous time. I've also started collaborating long-distance with Margaret Harris from Nashville, who is one hell of a lyricist. And I hope to have a sound-clip up of the new song, I Still Love You, written with my good friend Chris Donohoe and a new friend from Florida, Chris Caminiti, who also ventured up into the hills of Sonoma for a laughter-filled day at the piano. My trip to Nashville in October was amazing--big kisses to all of the publishers and writers who I hung out with for the week.

I'm also pleased and thrilled to announce that I have typed "THE END" on my first full-length novel, which is entitled (for now anyway...), Lead Me To Love and am hard at work on finishing up my next book, Marrying Mr. Right.

Fall/Winter 2002 NEWS

Hello again! Lots of great things have been going on lately.... First off the film The Vengeance of Cinderalla will be using Never Say Goodbye as a part of it's score!

In other news, I have been busy, busy, busy with songwriting for the country/pop market and I absolutely love it! If you would like to listen to some of the new demos, hightail it over to No, that is not me singing the 3 country tunes, thank you! Chris Donohoe (my co-writer) and I hired Gretchen Peters to sing the hell out of Lean Into Me and When I'm With You. I've got lots more songs written with songwriters from across the country and hope to get them up and demoed soon. As a matter of fact, homegirl is thinking of maybe, just maybe recording a country CD, but who knows when such a crazy thing as that might happen....

Like I said on the front page, When I'm With You has been chosen by Tonos as a song-pitch for both pop-princess Mandy Moore and Country-star Jessica Simpson. Hooray! And Wherever You Are I Want To Be There won honorable mention in the country leg of the John Lennon Songwriting Contest.

As for my new book The Comprehensive Guide to House Concerts, it will hit bookshelves probably late this year. I will certainly sound the horn when it does. In addition to all that, I am hard at work on a couple of novels, one of which is a sassy little thing, losely based on some of my earlier angst-filled songs (think It's Not My Place to Say or Your A Lot....) appropriately titled Still The Girl I Am.

I'm off to Nashville in October again and writing like a mad-woman! I hope ya'll have been rocking steady. Kick it hard! Love, Nyree

Spring/Summer 2002 NEWS

I am pleased to announce some very exciting news!!! Sony Pictures called and they are going to be using one of my new songs, Let Love Be Your Lullaby as a part of Rachel's Room. Hooray! Michael Eames at PEN Music, who once again took care of the contracts, is getting an awful lot of kisses from me lately. ;-)

Lots of other fun stuff too. I just signed the contract for my 2nd non-fiction book with Artist Pro/Mix Books, which will be available at all major bookstores throughout the US and Canada this Summer. This time I'm tackling the fun and provocative subject of House Concerts--how to set them up, why musicians should do them, etc. I'm doing plenty of interviews through April so if you've got an experience either as a host or musician that you would like to share with me (and potentially thousands of readers as well) call or pop me an email.

Also, Vialta Inc, a technology company in Silicon Valley, has licensed four of my songs--Little Girl, Never Say Goodbye, Outstretched and Wondering for use in their ViDVD Magazine Programs.

And my country writing escapades are going very well. I'm really enjoying writing with so many talented song writers.

I'm keeping incredibly busy and having a great time with it all! I hope you've been having a great year so far too!

January/February 2002 NEWS

Hello and welcome to 2002! What a fabulous year we are all going to have! I just know it. ;-)

Brand new good news to start the year off right!!! I just found out that my song Wondering from bare is going to be used in the upcoming feature film Hungry Hearts! Once again, I'm sending out big humongous kisses to Michael Eames at PEN Music in LA for dealing with all of the contracts for me.

I got a huge kick out of watching Felicity on the WB mid-December and hearing my song Colors accompany some bedroom-talk between the main characters. Thanks so much to all of you that went to your computers right at the end of the show and sent me such nice, enthusiastic emails about it! ;-)

As for Nashville, my co-writer Chris Donohoe and I have just recorded a demo in Nashville of our new song Salvation. It's the first time I've ever heard anyone else sing one of my songs and I'm digging it in a huge way!

Winter 2001 NEWS

Brand new good news!!! I just found out the my song Colors from bare has been licensed for the December 19th episode of Felicity on the WB Network. It's at 9pm/8pm central! Big humongous kisses go out Michael and Jennifer at PEN Music in Hollywood again for getting me another fabulous use. There is love everywhere, that's for sure! :-)

Also, I thought that the PAX network TV drama Mysterious Ways used my song Wondering perfectly on their Tuesday November 6th episode! I almost cried it fit so well. But of course I was too busy jumping up and down yelling "That's my song on TV!" to cry. ;-) In September, they licensed Knives and Guns for their season premiere. So if you were watching and thought the voice sounded familiar--yes it was me! How cool is that? Thanks again to Michael and Jen at PEN Music in Hollywood for the placement. As Alicia Keys puts it so well, they are my dawgs. Coming soon....look to hear my music on various shows on the Oxygen Cable channel. Thanks to Kirsten for helping get my music to the right ears. She is also my dawg.

Brand new review in from Eric Harabadian over at "Eric's Reviews." You can check it out on my CD Review page. I've also been getting some really nice feedback on my book, Booking, Promoting & Marketing Your Music and I'm thrilled that I've been able to help or inspire other musicians in some way! I've put up some folks comments on my Book Review page.

And for those of you who have been wondering what exactly I do with my time when I'm not touring-- lately I've been going to Nashville! I just returned from a fabulous trip to Nashville where I wrote with some fabulous songwriters and had the pleasure of watching amazing songwriters and players do their magic. If you want to be blown away by the best songs you've ever heard go to Nashville and make a reservation at the Bluebird. Talk about being inspired--I'm writing tons of new songs both alone and with some fab co-writers.

Summer/Fall 2001 NEWS

Hello and welcome to glorious summer! My tours of Chicago, Boston and Seattle were absolutely wonderful!! Such fabulous audiences, I'm still smiling. Thank you so much to everyone who put in so much time and effort to make them killer shows. Ya'll are the coolest!

Good news! PAX's Mysterious Ways drama has licensed Knives & Guns for use on the debut show of the season--Tuesday, September 18th at 9 pm and again on Sunday, September 30th at 10pm. So now you know where I'll be on those nights. ;-)

NEWS JUST IN! Mysterious Ways just licensed Wondering for use on their seventh episode too! How much am I loving them? So much! ;-)

"bare" is an Indie Pick Of The Month. And there was a lovely article about me in the Stanford Magazine--which you can checkout on line here.

I'm writing songs like crazy and enjoying the sunshine!! I hope you are too.

May/June 2001 NEWS

We are back from our two week tour of Brazil and it was AWESOME!!! I have spent the past few days putting together a Tour Diary and Photo Album for everyone. I've always wanted to get a behind-the-scene's glimpse at what being on tour in other countries is really like for other bands and artists, and since I've never seen anyone do it before, I figured I'd do it myself! I hope you enjoy the journey--we sure did! The Tour Diary is up at

I've put up several new songs on my MP3 page as well! Since I was performing and writing these new songs in Brazil, and several are being played on the radio there, I figured I should let everyone else in on them too. To groove to my new songs go to If you like the songs, email your friends about them too so that they can go listen!

Dinize is busy putting together our next Brazil tour, as well as a killer European tour. I'm busy writing and recording new songs like crazy. Next up--in June we're heading to Chicago and Boston for a bunch of shows. If you're interested in getting tickets to those shows, contact the folks listed below.

May/June 2001 GIGS

  • May 31, Uncommon Grounds w/ Jenny Choi, CHICAGO, IL
  • June 1, Concert, NAPERVILLE, IL
    contact Robin D. Erbacher for tickets
  • June 2, FERMILAB Concert at the Barn, IL
    contact Robin D. Erbacher for tickets
  • June 7, FRICTIONLESS Corporate Concert, CAMBRIDGE, MA
    contact Rob Guttman for tickets
  • June 8, Concert, BOSTON, MA
    contact Rob Guttman for tickets
  • June 22, private event, SARATOGA CA
  • June 28, MICROSOFT Internet Explorer Concert, Woodinville, WA
  • June 29, LUCENT Coporate Concert, SEATTLE, WA
  • June 30, Concert, WOODINVILLE, WA
    contact Pablo Fernicola for tickets

    March/April 2001 NEWS
    My new video is now up on this site! You can watch it here. Enjoy!

    AND...Dinize, Paul and I are headed to BRAZIL for our amazing 3 week tour on the 16th!!! We will be playing all over the country from Rio and Sao Paulo on the Southern Coast to Fortaleza, Natal and Recife on the NorthEast coast. I will be joined by a couple of absolutely phenominal Brazilian percussionists during my shows and I am totally excited about the whole thing! I will write a tour journal during the trip and post it up on the web site when I come back.

    I am so excited about my upcoming show with DJAVAN at the Palace of Fine Arts Theatre next month. If you have never been to the theatre, you are in for an unbelievable treat. Every one of the 1,000 seats will give you an amazing concert experience. The theatre manages to be very plush and very intimate at the same time. I will be playing a grand piano for part of my set, and my good friend JP Labrosse will be joining me on percussion. If you have been waiting to see me play for the past many months, this is the show to come to. Tickets range from $25, $35, and up--but my guess is the $25 seats will go really fast--call City Box Office at (415)392-4400.

    By the way, Djavan just won a grammy for Best Latin Song and his performace at the Latin Grammy Awards won him the only standing ovation of the night. He is a very well known and talented Brazilian artist. The evening will be an absolute treat for all of us.

    I will be playing an industry showcase at the NXN Music Conference in Chico in the beginning of April. If you know anyone in Chico, tell them to come down to Moxies at 10pm on Saturday the 7th to catch my set.

    March/April 2001 GIGS

    Tuesday, March 6, 2001
    Freight & Salvage (Berkeley, CA) Split Bill with John Lester
    tickets $14.50

    Saturday, March 10, 2001
    Benefit Concert for the International Children's Art Museum (Woodside, CA)
    tickets $100.00

    Saturday, April 14
    THE PALACE OF FINE ARTS (San Francisco CA)
    45 minute opening set for DJAVAN!!
    TICKETS: from $25, (Search for 'Djavan')
    Charge by phone (415)392-4400

  • April 7, CHICO, 10 pm Nyree, Industry Showcase at Moxies, NXN Music Festival


  • April 17, TV appearance on Programmo do Jo Soares, SAO PAULO, Brazil
  • April 18, TV appearance on POP TV, SAO PAULO, Brazil
  • April 19, The Donna Club, SAO PAULO, Brazil
  • April 22, TV appearance in RIO
  • April 22, Mistura Fina Club, RIO, Brazil
  • April 27, Black Out Club, NATAL, Brazil
  • April 28, Mucuriti Club, FORTALEZA, Brazil
  • January/February 2001 NEWS   


    We shot a killer promotional video at the Sebastiani Theatre in Sonoma this month! We had about 100 extras from locals in town and all of you that showed up on short notice to clap and hoot and holler and just basically look cool in the audience. We had an amazing, super high caliber film crew--producer, director, two camera men, two production assistants, makeup, wardrobe, lighting designer, and two lighting techs. A perfect weekend and lots of fun! We also filmed a short live concert at the end of the day. The video will be up on this site soon.

    January 2001 GIGS

    Saturday, April 6, 2001
    Video shoot at the Sebastiana Theatre (Sonoma, CA)
    EXTRAS NEEDED!!! Call 1-877-42NYREE for info

    Holiday 2000 NEWS   


    MTV will be using Knives and Guns from Nyree's bare CD on "Live Through This" in episode #12 this season! Hooray! So many thanks to Michael and Jen at Pen Music for the placement with MTV!

    Hello and a merry winter to everyone! This cold, crisp weather really gets my creative juices flowing, so I've been digging in and working on some new songs that I hope to be playing at shows next year.

    I played a couple of fabulous shows coming up this month at Bimbo's in San Francisco on November 13th and 14th, They were sold-out, packed, and utterly fabulous shows!

    For those of you who dream of Brazil, the wonderful Ms. Dinize Wales is working to set up a Brazil tour for me in late April. We are thrilled with the response my music has been getting so far in Brazil!

    For those of you who may be wondering, unfortunately I did not win the Mars Music $100,000 Music Search. But, ya know I have to say, it's really nice to be picked as a semi-finalist, so I'm a happy grrl anyway. Yes, that g-double r-l. It's all the rage to spell the word like that, if you didn't know. ;-)

    And while we're at it go take a peek at the new Concert Photos page we've just added to this site. Ah, the memories..... ;-) If you have any great pictures that should be up there, please let me know.
    happy holidays, Nyree

    Holiday 2000 GIGS

    Monday, November 13 & Tuesday November 14
    Two shows at BIMBO'S 365 CLUB (San Francisco, CA)
    Sold Out!
    Advance tickets $20, at the door $22, Doors open 7pm, Show starts 8pm
    Tickets available at Ticketweb, BASS Outlets, and Bimbo's (415-474-0365)

  • November 18, CONCERT, San Francisco, CA

    September/October 2000 NEWS   

    The big news this month is...I have been notified that I am a semi-finalist in the MARS MUSIC $100,000 MUSIC SEARCH (for west coast folks, Mars Music is a huge, Home Depot like music store chain throughout the south, midwest, and east coast. They also have their own record label.) At their request, I sent them a videotape of my Atherton September show. Finalists will be announced late October.

    I spoke at the National Songwriter's Conference in Los Altos on September 10th about "Alternative Venues." That was fun! Thanks to everyone who has been buying my book Booking, Promoting & Marketing Your Music and sending me emails! I appreciate it.

    Wondering is being featured on the SongLink Summer 2000 CD, which is provided to publishers and artists for possible song placements. I'm thrilled to have been selected along with several hit songwriters. We also received a wonderful review for bare from EarBuzz. Just in! A really spiritual review of bare from Muzikman. They are both up on the front page of the web site if you want to check it out. Also just in, mid-September, a new review from a major newspaper in Sweden. How fun!

    And we are in the very beginning stages of setting up our 2001 Tour Schedule, so if you are interested in setting up a show, please let me know. I will getting in touch with those of you who have already contacted me soon.

    And I'm pleased to have been contacted by a booking agent in Geneva who wants to work with me, so we will be adding shows in Switzerland and France to my European tour, now moved to January to accomodate some theatre booking schedules!
    Enjoy the sunshine! Nyree

    July/August 2000 NEWS    Hello again! Thanks to all of you that made it to the Belle Records house concert in June. We had a perfect time! It was such a wonderful evening that, yes, we will be putting on another public-concert later in the year!

    Also, I wanted to blow huge kisses to everyone who took the time to write juicy compliments of my song "Little Girl" up on the site. Some excerpts... "Nyree's voice literally lifts your soul to another plane"; "Nyree's song is so beautiful as is her voice"; "Her singing and song-writing ability is amazing. Her song, about a little girl who loves to sing, has a lush, beautiful quality about it that takes the listener right back to their childhood. One listen to that song will have you humming it all day." Oh me, oh my....I'm blushing now!!!!
    much love, Nyree

    June 2000 NEWS    Hello again! I have several fabulous house concerts this month (info below), including a very special house concert on Saturday June 24th, hosted by Belle Records. Limited seating available, please email me to reserve seats for the concert. This will be my only public performance until the fall. I hope to see many of you there!

    The good news is! PEN Music Group, a music publishing company in Hollywood has just signed all 10 of my original songs on bare for placement in TV and Film! Hooray, hooray! Hopefully we'll be hearing my songs on a movie soundtrack soon!

    Have a seat and watch me play Knives & Guns live at the Artist Underground studios. Click here.

    A couple of wonderful reviews for bare came in this month--both are up on the front page of this site. I'm honored and so very pleased that people are enjoying my music. Thank you for all of your kind notes and emails! And thanks so much to everyone who is spreading the word about my music. Word-of-mouth is the #1 thing that makes a difference for moving my career up and out into the stratosphere, and I truly appreciate your help!

    I was invited to showcase at the North by North East music conference in Toronto. And I'll find out if I'm the winner of the contest in about 4 weeks. Keep your fingers crossed! To recap, last month I was notified that me and my song Little Girl made the list of Top 20 Finalists in the Oxygen Media Nationwide Female Artist Search! On July 1st, if I'm one of the top 2 uber-finalists, they'll be flying me out to New York City to perform live on Oprah's cable channel. You can check out the contest at and click on NYREE for my info page.
    much love, Nyree

    June 2000 GIGS

    Special OPEN-TO-PUBLIC House Concert
    Hosted by Belle Records
    Saturday June 24th
    1728 Laurentian Way
    Sunnyvale, CA

    Advanced reservations suggested to reserve seats. Seating is limited.
    $15 suggested donation.
    To reserve seats please email, call 1-877-42NYREE, or mail $15 per person by June 17th to Belle Records, PO Box 888, Sonoma, CA 95476

    My current House Concert schedule (some are private, others will be open to the public):

    • June 3, HOUSE CONCERT, San Jose, CA
    • June 9, Lucent Technologies, private concert, Seattle, WA
    • June 10, HOUSE CONCERT, Seattle, WA
    • June 11, HOUSE CONCERT, Seattle, WA
    • June 17, HOUSE CONCERT, Woodside, CA
    • June 24, Special Open-To-Public HOUSE CONCERT, Sunnyvale, CA

    May 2000 NEWS  Super exciting, happy news first!  I have been notified that I am one of the Top 20 Finalists in the Oxygen Media (that's Oprah's new company) Nationwide Female Artist/Band Search!!!! On July 1st, if I'm one of the top 2 uber-finalists, they'll be flying me out to New York City to perform live on Oprah's cable channel. You can check out the contest at and click on NYREE for my info page. They've also set up a chat-list so that you can give them your positive, glowing, gushing feedback for my song Little Girl....or something like that, right? ;-)

    The Boston and Colorado tours were awesome! Thanks so much to Rob, everyone at Frictionless, Bryan, Amanda, and Michael for going out of your way to host perfect house and office concerts for me. Betch didn't know you could stuff that many people into your living rooms?! Alex Teitz at came to one of my Denver house concerts to do a live show review. It's up at We're gearing up for a Seattle blowout in June and I've got some great shows this month (see below), including an evening at the infamous Rose Street House of Music in Berkeley.

    Also in the good news pile this month--I will be touring the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany this fall! Get ready, get set, Europe here I come! ;-)

    And so many thanks and kisses to Antonia and CJ, the new Belle Records interns! We're gonna be really heating things up now!
    much love, Nyree

    May 2000 GIGS

    Friday May 26th
    Foster City, CA
    email for info

    Saturday May 27th
    Rose Street Music Concert Series
    1839 Rose Street, Berkeley, CA
    or call (510) 594-4000 xMUS for info

    April 2000 NEWS    I'm gearing up to go to Boston and Colorado this month. Thanks to Robert Guttman, we've got several great house and office concerts set up in Boston. I'll also be showcasing at the NEMO Music Conference, so I'm sure the trip will be great fun! To contact my hosts about getting a seat at the shows, look below in the GIG listings.

    The video shoot that we did with in LA last week was AWESOME! Thanks to Joe and Don and the wonderful guy who did the sound recording during filming. I'll let you know when the video is up on the Internet--probably in about a month. Also had a great showcase at the Dragonfly in LA last week. Funny, I don't play that often in bars where the walls are all pianted black and they board up the windows... ;-)

    I got my first listener review on CD Baby. Meg said, "Great melodies and a passionate voice. This CD really reminds me of an early Tori Amos. Nyree sings with audible passion and her lyrics are astounding. I recommend this CD to anyone who can appreciate a heart-felt piano ballad." Thanks Meg!

    Several radio stations in Spain, Portugal, and the US are playing songs from my new album! Neato. Other good stuff--MP3s of my songs have been downloaded 5,300 times since I put them on the Internet at the beginning of December! I'm going to put up a couple of new songs on my MP3 page this week. I'll give a holler when they're up.

    And my first published book Booking, Promoting, and Marketing Your Music: A complete guide for bands and solo artists should be hitting the shelves of all major bookstores (Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Borders) and music retail stores (Tower Records, Mars Music, Guitar Center, etc.) any day now! I'm deep in the creative trenches of my second book, so hopefully we'll see it in bookstores next year!
    much love, Nyree

    P.S. Two other fun things: (1) I'm the "Indie Music Q&A expert on Artist Underground. You can check it out at (2) I just found out that all of the girl & i lyrics are posted up at You can find them under "G". Wow, I feel famous or something... Bye!

    April 2000 GIGS

    Thursday April 13th, 7pm
    FRICTIONLESS technologies (Private show)
    Boston, MA

    Friday April 14th, 4pm
    Showcase@ the NEMO Music Conference
    The Swissotel, Boston, MA

    Saturday April 15th, 7:30pm
    Brookline, MA
    email for info

    Saturday April 29th, 8:30pm
    Boulder, CO
    email for info

    Sunday April 30th, 4:30pm
    Denver, CO
    email for info

    Monday May 1st, 7pm
    Denver, CO
    email" for info

    March 2000 NEWS    MP3 just picked me as diva of the week and said some really nice stuff about my music ("her vocals are divine" and "Nyree's songs are gorgeous, lush piano ballads")! My thanks to Delena, the fabulous woman who runs the site! has asked me to come to Los Angeles to shoot a promotional video for the Internet! We've scheduled filming for the end of March. I will also be doing a "Say What??? Music Industry Source" showcase at the Dragonfly on Sunset Blvd. in LA on March 27th. If you would like to be on the guest list, please email me.

    I have been asked to perform a benefit concert for the International Children's Art Museum on April 22nd in Atherton, which is going to be a fabulous evening of music & art. More details coming soon. See below for my house concert schedule.

    Other good stuff--MP3s of my songs have been downloaded 5,300 times since I put them on the Internet at the beginning of December! And my first published book will be hitting the shelves of all major bookstores (Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Borders) and music retail stores (Tower Records, Mars Music, Guitar Center, etc.) in about two weeks!

    Thanks so much to everyone who made my recent sold-out Woodside house concert such a wonderful show! We had a fabulous evening, and lots more house concert hosts emerged from the audience, so I'm extra thrilled!
    much love, Nyree

    Vote for me in Top 25 Get Fancy! Reader-Suggested Websites

    Feburary 2000 NEWS    Good news! I have been invited to play 2 music industry showcases--one in Los Angeles at the Dragonfly on March 27th and the other in Boston on April 14th. I would love to set up a house concert or two in LA and Boston while I'm in town, so if you could host one or have a friend, brother, or ex-girlfriend who might want to, please email me at Thanks! Also, several people are booking me to play for them and their co-workers at their offices, in addition to giving a concert at their house. Keep the great ideas coming!

    "Breaking Me" continues to rise from #17 to #6 to #3 on the Hum Radio "New Artist Top 20 Countdown"! Keep voting for the song at!

    And thanks to everyone who has emailed, called, or written to tell me how much you are enjoying bare. More news coming in March!
    see ya soon, Nyree

    Feburary 2000 GIGS   

    Saturday, February 26th, 8pm
    485 Eleanor Dr., Woodside, CA 94062
    All seats have been reserved already!

    Jeff Pollock, my wonderful host, has a Steinway, which will be fun! I'll be doing two 45 minute sets. And the champagne will be flowing!